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Vital Pulp Therapy in Orlando

Vital pulp therapy (VPT) offers an alternative to root canal treatment (RCT) by restoring teeth with compromised dental pulp without fully excavating all healthy pulp tissue.

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What is Vital Pulp Therapy?

Vital pulp therapy is commonly employed when the pulp is minimally damaged or infected, allowing for tooth preservation without extraction or root canal intervention. It consists of the removal of compromised tissue, disinfection, and filling of the pulp chamber with a healing-promoting material to stimulate tissue regeneration.
There are three main types:

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novicia voladora
novicia voladora
I had my root canal done this week. My experience was awesome. A root canal is not a fun thing to experience but I was very comfortable during the processes. Dr Chavarriaga was super knowledgeable, kind and very informative about the whole process. I highly recommend Dr Chavarriaga also the staff is very friendly and the place is very nice. My assistant was Evelyn and I can't thank her enough for her care while Dr Chavarriaga was performing the root canal. What an awesome team. Thank you and thank you. Ruth
Andrea Atkins
Andrea Atkins
Thank you Evelyn and Dr. C! Great time!
Tejroi Naipaul
Tejroi Naipaul
From the time you entered, it was a positive experience. Dr. C is a master in his trade. Assistant Ms. Veronica and the others are great and they all try to make dentistry pleasant.
mariza kennedy
mariza kennedy
I just came from East Orange Endodontics today. Dr Chararriaga and Veronica were amazing. My first root canal and I was super nervous. Everything went extremely well and was able to go back to work with no issues. Highly recommended Dr. C and the team.
Adrian Santos
Adrian Santos
East Orange Endodontics is one of if not the best Endodontic clinics in Orlando. They made my root canal painless and fast. Thank you to Veronica!
Carol Arroyo
Carol Arroyo
Thank you Evelyn and Dr. Chavarriaga for an amazing job!!
Glenda Cruz
Glenda Cruz
Excellent service! Speak Spanish. Fue una cita de emergencia y me hicieron el espacio para atenderme. Y la atención fue muy profesional pero a la vez muy confiable, con paciencia y dedicación, desde front desk gasta el Dr en el proceso de surgery. 20/10. Veronica la asistente muy cordial y con mucho conocimiento. Muy agradecida por todo!

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Vital Pulp Therapy in Orlando: Financial Options

The fee for your endodontic treatment will be based on the extent of treatment. During your first visit we will go over all of your financial questions before beginning treatment.


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